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About Dr. Arias

Dr. Arias is a board-certified Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and also has a Master’s degree in Musculoskeletal Management.
 Dr. Arias is certified as a corrective exercise specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine . He is also Titleist Performance Institute Certified in the treatment of golf-related injuries.


About our staff

Using our holistic approach to patient care, the staff here at Dr. Arias’s office will work with you to provide a program of treatment designed to increase your physical function and alleviate pain. Our world class service is one of a kind, and all patients will be assisted by staff to make sure that you are kept up to date on your condition and monitor your goals. Our staff are highly skilled clinicians with excellent communication skills, integrity and proper qualifications required to perform their job to the highest of standards. Many of our staff are bilingual, being fluent in both Spanish and English, providing the ability for all to experience the phenomenal service of the staff members here at Dr. Roberto Arias’s office. 

Our facility is designed to be a warm and friendly environment that is encouraging to relaxation and healing.

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